Whether you are tending the tiniest patio or the grandest estate, gardening is one of life's greatest pleasures.

No matter what sun or soil type, there are many beautiful Mediterranean and California native plants to add to your garden with long-lasting blooms. Plants can have interesting foliage such as green, silver, and red foliage which helps break up the monotony of only green in the garden, providing a unique twist of color.  I also like playing with plants that have unique texture to them as well.

The California natives require little supplemental irrigation, once they are established.  I enjoy bringing nature into my garden so using natives allows birds, butterflies and bees to utilize the plants you have provided for them.

I invite you to consult me on any type of garden you desire whether that be a formal, informal, cottage, wild, jungle, or meadow arrangement.  My aim is to create a garden for those who really do want something special for their outdoor world at home.