Whether you are tending the tiniest patio or a large swath of land, gardening is one of life's greatest pleasures, in my humble opinion.

No matter what your space, daily dose of sunlight or soil type, there are so many types of beautiful Mediterranean and California native plants can fill your garden with months of long-lasting blooms. Many also offer attractive foliage in shades of green, silver, red, bronze and blue, providing a captivating interplay of color, contrast and texture.

My designs typically include trees, shrubs and perennials that are well suited to our seasonal cycle of warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters.  Well, let's hope it's wet this winter for the poor thirsty California soil.

The drought tolerant plants picked for an appropriate gardening zone,  require a low amount of supplemental irrigation. They can be relatively pest and disease free, without heavy doses of chemicals. They are child and pet friendly. And they support wildlife -- especially birds and butterflies. It's wonderful to see the wildlife flock to a new garden where there was little or none before..

Whether you desire a formal arrangement, wild, Mediterranean meadow, an informal, cottage-style garden, a quaint, garden spot, a soothing view of greenery, or you prefer the open light spattering of plants, I will design an inviting outdoor living space that's just right for you.